OSB Kitchen

New Edges for OSB Panels!

OSB stands for "Oriented Strand Board"

This low-budget kitchen was designed for a small garden flat in the heart of Vienna. The lively and vibrating look of the OSB material, of randomly arranged coarse woodchips as well as the special feel of OSB Plattes, usually known from construction sites, fits well with the vibrating nature surrounding the flat. As a contrast, all surfaces including the ground, were kept in black.

To accentuate this "rough" touch, construction sites hand-lamps were transformed and used as hanging lamps.

Please get some cabbage in the Yard Darling.

MATERIAL OSP Panels, construction wood, black varnish
WOODWORK Walter Winkler
DESIGN Florent Souly
DATE 2021
"L´étonnement, des fois, est dans les choses les plus simples. Enfin, est-ce que le nouveau luxe ne serait pas la simplicité?"
Alain Ducasse
Rrr Raw

Rrr Raw kreischt die Kreissäge im Walde. Dieses Projekt experimentiert mit rohen Materialien: Bau-Stoffen, inspiriert von der seit Kindesalter bestehenden Baustellen-Faszination. Das, was während eines Bauprozesses als rau und brut betrachtet werden kann, bekommt hier nicht nur eine Funktion, sondern auch Eleganz.